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African Milk Tree / Euphorbia Trigona Rubra / Euphorbia Trigona CV. Royal Red Rubra Cactus

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Euphorbia Trigona Rubra






Euphorbia trigona f. rubra?is a red form of?Euphrobia trigona .?The plant has a thick stalk, with spines on the edges.?It has an upright stem that is branched into three or four sides. plant has small deep red leaves between the spines. Upto 0.2 inch (5 mm) long thorns are placed in pairs of two on the stem s ridges. The drop shaped leafs grows from between the two thorns on each ridge.


Euphorbias need well-draining soil and lots of sunlight. They are not particular about soil pH, but they cannot tolerant wet soil. Unlike most succulents,?Euphorbia?does not handle long periods of drought well. It may need weekly watering during the summer. If you are growing them in containers or your soil is poor, feed with a half-strength fertilizer monthly.


Best used to add vibrant and unique colors to the landscape .Ideally suited for office or home interior.

The easiest to keep alive – Cactus thrive on neglect! Coming from desert climates cactus love sun! However beware of the Indian afternoon sun! Keeping them in extreme heat, especially behind a glass which magnifies the heat can cause the cactus to burn. If you notice the cactus turning brown or yellow on the side facing the sun, try giving it a cooler place to thrive in!

For watering cacti, the golden rule is to make sure the soil is completely dry before watering! This will stop the roots from rotting. It is advised to always use a pot with a drainage hole so that excess water can get drained out. If kept in a sunny area, you will need to water it once every week. If it is in a semi shaded or filtered light area, you might need to water it once in 2 weeks.

Cacti like soil that is well aerated and fast draining. You can fertilise the cactus in the summer months when it is in its growing season. During the winters it is best to cut back on any fertiliser and let the plant rest.

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