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Hoya Plants

Your grandmother’s kitchen was most likely surrounded by a Hoya plant. This tropical indoor plant is commonly referred to as a “Wax plant” because to its thick waxy leaves, and it lives indefinitely, grows to enormous proportions, and produces exquisite, porcelain-like perfumed flower clusters. Many members of the houseplant community are only recently discovering the delights of collecting and caring for them due to the waxy sheen of their flowers.
Another reason for hoyas’ appeal as a houseplant is its ease of propagation from cuttings. Most plants simply require a node or two and a leaf to take root. Some plants having chlorophyll in their stems may just require a node to take root and grow instead of a leaf. Because these plants flower as they mature, it’s difficult to forecast when they’ll bloom.
When will they reach full maturity?
Everything is dependent on the present growth circumstances! Keeping your plant root-bound (in a smaller-than-normal container) is said to speed up blooming. Down-potting, on the other hand, might shock your Hoya, which is a no-no in Hoya plant care. Never ever These give rise to leaves and flower clusters. The Hoyas don’t mind being rooted a little.
It may be kept in the same pot for years, although it has to be fertilised on a regular basis in the spring and summer. All Hoyas must be planted in pots with drainage holes. These plants are severely harmed by excessive watering. So, what are you still waiting for? Because you understand almost all of the fundamentals of growing a Hoya, we believe it is time for you to have one as well. Elysian Flora’s Hoya Plants collection is ideal because it includes not only simple pots, but also Hoya planted in cute little pots and collections.

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