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Alocasia Silver Dragon

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  • Light : Bright indirect sunlight
  • Maintenace: Moderate Maintenance
  • Special feature : Exotic, Air Purifying
  • Watering : Water once a week
  • Where to grow : Bright indoors

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The Alocasia Silver Dragon is the little Alocasia kind that we’ve all been yearning for. The velvety green leaves, which take on a silvery tone as they age and contrast brilliantly with emerald-green venations, indeed resemble dragon scales, Game of Thrones enthusiasts, anyone? Your dragon scale will be easy to care for and beautiful to look at, making it ideal for both tabletops and outdoor locations.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Feed your dragon scale every 2-4 weeks using ordinary plant fertiliser. Don’t over-fertilize your plants. Alocasia should be repotted once a year in a bigger container with new soil. Propagation: Rhizomes discovered underground can be used to propagate the Alocasia plant. The clipped rhizome piece can be planted individually to develop a new plant.

Typical issues

1. Why are my Alocasia plant’s leaves drooping?

Drooping Alocasia plant leaves are typically indicative of insufficient sunshine or under-watering. It might also indicate that the plant needs to be fed.

2. Why are my Alocasia plant’s leaves curling?

Leaf curling in Alocasia plants may indicate overwatering. Check that the pot’s drainage hole is not clogged and allow any extra water to flow.

3. Why are my Alocasia plant’s leaves becoming brown?

Alocasia leaves become brown and finally fall off due to dry soil or a lack of humidity.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: Aloe plants demand direct yet bright sunshine.

Locations:Verandas, well-lit hallways, workdesks, and windowsills are ideal locations for your Alocasia Silver Dragon plants since they receive plenty of brilliant indirect sunshine.

Styling/decor tip : The Alocasia Silver Dragon is ideal for table tops and window sills; put it in a monochrome ceramic or metal planter from our collection to emphasise the plant’s magnificent leaves. They make excellent workstation plants and also look beautiful on shelves. Use it to give interest to a plant cluster or to start your own alocasia collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of Alocasia plants are there?

Approximately, 70 species of Alocasia plant exist.

Is Alocasia toxic to animals?

Alocasia plants contain insoluble oxalate crystals which make Alocasia plants toxic to animals.

How tall does Alocasia Silver Dragon grow?

Alocasia Silver Dragon plants are one of the most compact varieties that grow to a height of 1 to 1.5 feet.

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