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Areca Palm Plant

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  • Light : Bright indirect sunlight
  • Maintenace: Low maintenance
  • Special feature : Air purifying
  • Watering : Water twice a week
  • Where to grow : Bright indoors

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The Areca Palm, formerly an endangered plant, is now a common sight in Indian homes. One of the most underappreciated plants in the indoor plant world. This fantastic air purifier is pet-friendly and simple to grow. Its delicate leaves/fronds grow outwards in a curved fashion, adding a tropical feel to any room and adapting to a wide range of growth circumstances.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Fertilize your Areca Palm with a normal houseplant fertiliser every two weeks in the summer and spring. Palm fronds benefit from a micronutrient-rich fertiliser.

Repotting :
The Areca Palm does not require frequent repotting. Because it enjoys a tight root bound soil system in tiny pots, repot your plant every 2 to 3 years to renew the soil. Areca Palm seeds can be used to propagate the plant. Areca Palm may also be propagated by cutting an offshoot with root nodes from the main plant and placing it in a suitable soil mix.

Typical issues

1. What is causing the withering of the Areca Palm?

Wilting areca palm leaves are an obvious sign of underwatering. To avoid leaf shrivelling, water it as soon as possible.

2. Why are my Areca Palm leaves turning yellow?

Areca Palm leaves and fronds become yellow as a result of infrequent irrigation and a dry plant. Water your plant on a regular basis when the dirt dries out. Maintain a wet but not saturated soil at all times.

3. Why Areca Palm leaf tips in brown ?

Overwatering, inadequate light, or low humidity can contribute to browning Areca Palm leaf tips. If over-watering appears to be the problem, water it less regularly and only when the topsoil is dry. To tackle the problem of insufficient lighting, relocate your plant to a place with better indirect light, and spritz it on a regular basis to enhance humidity.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: Choosing the best location for your Areca Palm is critical. This plant requires strong, indirect sunshine or filtered light from blinds or drapes.

Locations: Your Areca Palm will grow if you position it near a windowsill that receives plenty of brilliant filtered sunlight, in screened patios, hallways, or in your living room.

Styling/decor tip : The Areca Palm’s gorgeous green leaves will instantly lend a tropical green touch to your dwellings. Place the Areca Palm in your living room or near your bedside tables to add a trendy and bright touch to your house. It is one of the most underrated air purifiers, and it will quickly make a place look more fresh and bright.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Areca Palm good for air?

According to a study by NASA, the Areca Palm is one of the best air purifying indoor plants and is also an efficient air humidifier. This plant will continuously remove toxins from your surrounding air and maintain humidity levels.

How often should I water Areca Palm?

Water your plant when the first inch of the soil feels dry.

What are the brown spots appearing on my palm?

The brown spots om areca palm leaves could be either due to nutritional deficiency or if they are raised, they might be leaf scales. Clean the leaves with a horticultural pest control solution to get rid of scales.

What are the common names of Areca Palm Plant?

Areca Palm Plant is also known as Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm, Yellow Palm, and Butterfly Palm.

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