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Micranthemum micranthimoids (6″ x 4″ MAT)

  • Family Name : Scrophulariaceae
  • Origin : North America
  • Height : 2-6”
  • pH : Adaptable to a range of conditions
  • Care : Easy
  • Light : Medium
  • Co2 : Not required but recommended
  • Propagation : Trim ends of stems and plant at least 1/2″ apart in substrate.
  • Growth rate : Medium

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Micranthemum micranthimoids (6″ x 4″ MAT) is a low-growing, bright green stem plant ideal for beginners. It’s a versatile species that can be used in the foreground, middleground, or background. Constant pruning will keep it low growing and horizontally spreading runners. If you leave it untrimmed, it will grow vertically as a background plant. The plant’s shape and growth are dependent on the conditions, so plan accordingly if you have a specific vision for how it will fit into your aquascape. This plant resembles other carpeting plants in appearance and can be a low-maintenance alternative if you’re having trouble getting foreground coverage in your tank. This plant thrives in moderate light and CO2 levels ranging from 6 to 14ppm. Pearlweed, on the other hand, can usually get all of the nutrients it requires from a nutrient-rich substrate and a healthy fish colony. Use high light and CO2 for super dense growth. Bright light promotes bushy growth, whereas moderate light promotes looser, upward growth. Once established, your pearlweed will need to be pruned because it can become unruly if left unchecked. This plant can withstand heavy pruning, so you can let it grow large and dense and then shape it to your liking. Trim the ends of the stems before grouping several together and burying them in the substrate. Make certain that other foliage does not obscure them. Hemianthus micranthemoides is a graceful plant from North America with small, arched leaves that resemble Egeria. It has a distinctive trailing growth pattern in bright light, so it can be used as a foreground plant (stems from 10-20 cm tall, 2-3 cm wide). With its small, light-green leaves, a group of Hemianthus micranthemoides is very attractive. The plant forms a compact cushion in terrariums. Micranthemum micranthemoides was the previous name for this plant.

This Micranthemum species is currently popular around the world, with a high demand in the aquarium trade. This plant was originally found in Argentina. The leaves are round, light green, and arranged oppositely on the stem. A very graceful creeping plant that is adaptable due to its moderate ease. In a nutrient-rich environment, it will form a dense carpet. It can also survive in low-light conditions. The addition of CO2 is required. Thinning the densely grown ones will help the plant maintain normal growth; otherwise, the creeping stems beneath will begin to decay, potentially causing the entire mat to uproot.

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Very Bright

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Mat 6"x 4"

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