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Persian Shield / Strobilanthes Dyerianus

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Quantity: A single plant with roots cased in a coconut peat bag.

Persian shield shows the best coloration under bright light. But also require shade from time to time in a day. They have almost a metallic silvery violet color on their leaves; hence named Persian “shield”. They require a lot of water or otherwise will droop.

Their propagation is easy and stem cuttings will be enough for propagation. Water propagation is famous for them and helps generate roots at the earliest and as soon as we see some roots, we can transfer them to the soil.

Persian shield or strobilanthes dyerianus is endemic to Myanmar in Asia. Their leaves are thin. So be cautious about direct noon sunlight. If we overwater it, its leaves will drop. Therefore ensure the soil mixture to have enough drainage materials.

The plant is also named “royal purple plant” because of its stunning purple coloration. Persian shields require warmer temperatures and higher humidity for best growth. So it will be beneficial if you provide them more humidity by placing water-filled trays nearby this plant or by having a humidifier if kept indoor.

This beautiful foliage plant will produce long leaves under perfect conditions and may elongate up to 20 cms.

Although a flowering plant(whitish small spikey flowers), hobbyists are keeping this plant to enjoy its leaves. So if you are into the foliage plant-keeping hobby, we definitely recommend this beautiful specimen in your garden.

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