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Pogostemon stellatus ‘Dassen’

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  • Common Name :  Stellatus “Narrow Leaf”
  • Plant Use : Advanced
  • Difficulty Level : High Light
  • Demand : High 
  • Co2 Demand : High
  • Fertilizer Demand : High

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Pogostemon stellatus ‘Dassen’ is a lovely aquarium stem plant that can be difficult to grow in a planted aquarium. Pogostemon Stellatus, with its bold coloration, provides good background coverage, both horizontal and vertical, if kept alive. This aquarium stem plant necessitates intense lighting, CO2 injection, high-quality aquarium soil, and consistent water parameters. Fertilization on a regular basis may also improve growth and coloration. Pogostemon Stellatus, if successful, is a sight to behold because of its unique, delicate appearance and the contrast it provides when grouped with other leaf textures.

Pogostemon stellatus, formerly known as Eusteralis stellata, is a marsh-dwelling perennial herb native to Southeast Asia and northern Australia. This stem plant is also a great source of iron and micronutrients. If there is a deficiency, the leaves will turn yellow to white. Pogostemon stellatus is a difficult plant to grow. Lighting should be intense because the lower portions of the stems tend to shed leaves if not. When growing conditions and nutrient levels change too quickly, the plant frequently stunts and produces new side shoots from the top. Stable CO2 injection is required if this plant is to reach its full potential. For long-term success, nitrate, phosphate, and micronutrients should be added through the water column. Nitrate levels (5-20ppm) and phosphate levels (0.2-2ppm) are unimportant as long as they remain stable. This plant will be green if both nitrate and phosphate levels are kept high. It will produce purple or orange foliage if the hobbyist runs one or both nutrients on the lean side.

How do you cultivate Pogostemon Stellatus?
Temperatures ranging from 5 to 7 degrees Celsius are acceptable, but they do not tolerate excessive hardness in the water. So keep it as low as you can comfortably manage with your catch.

Is Pogostemon Stellatus a simple plant to grow?
Pogostemon Stellatus ‘Octopus’ is a one-of-a-kind stem plant that grows quickly and thrives in low to medium light. Once established, it can grow quite tall in a short period of time and may require regular trimming.

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