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Proserpinaca palustris [Hybrid Pot]

  • Care Level : Moderate to difficult
  • Temperature : 50°-82° F (10°-28° C)
  • Color Form : Green,gold, red
  • Propagation : Cuttings
  • Size : 4 to 16 inches
  • pH : 6.7
  • Family : Haloragaceae
  • Minimum Tank Size : 10 gallons
  • Placement : Background or midground
  • Lighting : Bright

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Proserpinaca palustris [Hybrid Pot], also known in the industry as Mermaid weed, can be found in the wild in both North and South America. Despite its long history in the hobby, the plant has never been particularly popular with enthusiasts, possibly due to its enormous size or the difficulties in growing it to a healthy state. Proserpinaca palustris ranges in colour from greenish to orangey red. When fully grown, it is a stem plant that can grow as tall as large aquariums and has a circumference of 3 to 4 inches. It has distinctive serrated leaves that give the plant’s foliage a sawtooth appearance. It’s a striking midground or background bush. Its large size when developed makes it more suitable for larger tanks. It will provide significant shade to the surrounding area due to its large canopy. Varietal differences explain why some plants have finerly split leaves. Larger leaves are found in plants that are well fed and have access to high CO2 levels. Fortunately, it is not a fast grower; it grows slowly at first, but eventually grows enormously. This plant, unlike many other stem plants, does not produce a lot of lateral shoots as it grows. While it can be clipped straight, discarding the top and leaving the bottom half of the stem to grow side shoots, it is usually neater to cut and replant the top, discarding the bottom. This plant will become quite unkempt if you repeatedly trim it straight. Cutting and replanting the top of the bush, as well as any side shoots that develop, will usually result in a neater bush.

Size of Proserpinaca palustris [Hybrid Pot]

The average Proserpinaca Palustris grows to X inches on the small end and X inches on the large end.

It can reach heights of 4-16 inches and widths of 2-6 inches. In emergent growth, the leaves are more circular and noticeably green. In this growth mode, this plant will keep true to its common phrase and proliferate profusely via seeds.
Native Habitat and Origin of Proserpinaca Palustris

The plant has a lovely overall appearance and would be an excellent addition to your aquarium. When grown in the wild, the plant has leaves that look saw-toothed, but when grown in an aquarium, it gradually grows long leaves that look needle-like in shape. When grown in good lighting conditions, the plant usually turns out to be stunningly beautiful.

It is known to turn copper-colored when exposed to enough light. The leaf appearances of various plant species are known to vary. The submerged plant’s leaves typically grow to be 5 to 10 centimetres long. They are also usually feathery, though some of the leaves have hairy leaflets.


The plant is moderately easy to cultivate and is an excellent choice for beginning aquarium plant cultivators. It is usually re-grown through cuttings, which must be done carefully for success. New plants are typically formed by lateral shoots that sprout from the original plant after being cut off from the parent plant. Once the cuttings have been obtained, they can be planted by inserting them into the substrate where the plant’s growth is desired. With time, the cuttings will develop roots and become self-contained plants in their own right.

Consider the following parameters when growing Proserpinaca Palustris in an aquarium:

an aquarium of at least 40 litres water pH should be at least 6.7 lighting should be adequate as the plant does well in environments with plenty of light substrate can be soil and water fertilisers can be added to help improve plant growth


Mermaid weed should be planted in fine, sandy soil. Because it has less surface area to grab with each step, it is gentler on the roots and will not harm them as much as coarse gravel.

If your plant is escaping the substrate, you can add extra sand or clay to the bottom of the pond to keep it buried.
Growing Situations

To promote growth, Proserpinaca palustris [Hybrid Pot] should be grown in fresh water with fertilizer. It thrives in environments with medium to bright light. The plant will display its characteristic coloration under these lighting conditions. The addition of carbon dioxide to the water helps it grow to its full potential. Ensure that the nitrate levels in the tank remain low in order for the plant to grow properly.

It does not grow quickly, and even with proper nutrient supplementation, it will grow at a slow rate. This makes it an excellent addition to small tanks, where it can be used as a centre of dominance in the aquaria’s middle or foreground.

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