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Schefflera Golden | Schefflera actinophylla ‘Golden Amate

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The Schefflera originates from Australia and New Zealand. The plant is mainly known for its beautiful leaves, which are shaped like a hand with a number of extra fingers. The Schefflera Amate has the largest leaves of all Schefflera varieties.

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The Hawaiian Schefflera “Gold Capella” is a bushy, upright houseplant with masses of small, shiny, leathery, green and gold patterned leaves. The schefflera plant originally came from Taiwan and, when grown as an outdoor plant, even flowers. These plants can be tall impressive trees, bushy floor plants, small table plants, or even be small enough to be used in a dish garden. A Hawaiian Schefflera is a bushy, upright houseplant with masses of small, shiny, leathery leaves. The original Hawaiian Schefflera has solid green leaves; the Hawaiian Schefflera “Gold Capella” has gold and green leaves; and the Hawaiian Schefflera “Tribute” has white and green leaves. All schefflera plants, also called arboricolas


The brighter the light the faster and fuller a Hawaiian Schefflera plant grows. Variegated Hawaiian Scheffleras like the “Capella” require more light than solid green Hawaiian scheffleras. Direct sun burns the leaves of all types of schefflera plants.


Water well and then allow the top 1/3 of the soil to dry out before watering again. This might be an inch or two in a small pot and 5″ or more in a large pot. Green leaves fall off and new growth turns black when a Hawaiian Schefflera is over- watered. Leaves turn bright yellow when it is under-watered.


Fertilize monthly in the spring and summer with a basic houseplant food diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength. Avoid feeding schefflera plants when they are not actively growing.


Hawaiian Scheffleras are fine with basic household temperatures. Try to keep all Schefflera plants out of cold drafts and away from heaters and air conditioners.

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