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Syngonium Pink Plant

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  • Light : Bright indirect light
  • Maintenace: Low maintenance
  • Special feature : Air purifying
  • Watering : Water twice a week
  • Where to grow : Bright indoor, shaded outdoor

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The Syngonium Pink Neon is the prettiest decorative creeper you’ve ever seen. Its lovely pink heart-shaped leaves gives him the appearance of an artificial plant. With careful care, it may grow to be 3 to 6 feet tall, making it ideal for both tabletops and floor planters. This Goosefoot plant is incredibly surprising since, as a baby, he grows upright but, as he matures, he can completely trail or ascend.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Fertilizer diluted to half strength should be fed to your syngonium pink neon every two weeks. At all times, keep the soil wet but not saturated. Overwatering is an absolute no-no. When you sense limited development or pain in the plant, it is time to repot it into a larger container. The Arrowhead plant should be repotted every two years. He grows quickly, so the roots overrun the pot, and it’s time to repot and make them more comfy. Propagation: It is easily propagated by stem cuttings. The cuttings root just as well in water as they do in the plant parent’s chosen potting mix. Choose a young growth branch that has produced a pair of leaves for a foolproof propagation.

Typical issues

1. What is causing the Arrowhead plant’s leaves to turn pale and limp?

Too much and direct sunshine will nearly burn the Arrowhead plant. The leaves become pale and limp as a result of this. Move him to a location with indirect sunlight since he enjoys brilliant indirect sunlight.

2. Why are the Goosefoot plant’s fresh leaves turning dark and withering?

When the Goosefoot or Arrowhead plant is thirsty, he will shed new leaves because he does not have enough water. Remove the browning leaf and water the Syngonium, and he will instantly perk up.

3. Why are the leaves on my Syngonium turning brown and dry?

Under-watering combined with excessive direct sunshine can result in sunburn, which turns the leaves brown and dry. Move your plant to a more shady location and water it often.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: The Syngonium plant thrives in any amount of indirect sunshine. Too much direct sunlight may burn the plant, so keep this in mind when storing it.

Locations:The Syngonium plant is best kept in the living room or near windows where it would get indirect sunlight.

Styling/decor tip : They’re ideal for any design since they add a splash of colour to break up the monotony of your work or reading desk. Use one, use many throughout the home, or group them together on your bookshelf – these plants are adaptable and elegant in any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the common name of Syngonium Plant?

The Syngonium is commonly called Arrowhead plant, arrowhead philodendron, arrowhead vine, Goosefoot, African evergreen, or American evergreen.

Is Syngonium poisonous for pets?

Yes, the Syngonium is poisonous if ingested by your pets.

Is Syngonium plant Vaastu compatible?

Syngonium is considered the perfect Feng Shui and Vastu plant. The leaves of the Arrowhead plant are said to have five lobes that perfectly represent the five elements, viz. water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Hence, it is believed that having the Goosefoot plant in your home brings good luck.

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