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Turtle Vine Plant

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Turtle Vine Plant, is a hanging plant from the family Commelinaceae. This species comes from Central and South America. It enhances the elegance of the balcony, terrace or any place it is kept.

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About the Turtle Vine
The Turtle Vine Plant is a delicate perennial that grows quickly and profusely with minimum care. If you are a gardening novice and want to add beautiful hanging plants that require minimum care, the turtle vine is your answer. This resilient variety thrives in bright indirect light and grows with abandon and is extremely easy to propagate.
Plant Essentials
Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:The turtle vine plant doesn’t require regular upkeep, other than pruning to keep the quickly growing length in check. Feed your plant once in two months with a generic houseplant fertiliser.
Repotting : The plant can grow happily in the same pot for a very long time without the need to repot it. When the entire planter is filled with the trailing vines, it is easier to take cuttings and start a new plant than to repot. If repotting, repot it in a well-draining potting mix in a slightly larger planter.
Propogation : The Turtle vine can be easily propagated through stem cuttings. Take at least 4-5 inch long cuttings and push the cut end into a well-draining potting mix and keep it moist till you see new leaves indicating success.
Common Problems
1. Why is my turtle vine not growing?
The turtle vine is susceptible to root rot in the case of overwatering that affects its growth. Give your plant plenty of indirect light and water only when the top two inches of the potting mix is dry.
2. Why are the leaves of my turtle vine growing yellow?
Yellowing leaves are a sign of overwatering or insufficient light. Water only when the topsoil is dry to touch. Use a well-draining potting mix and keep the plant in bright indirect light in an east or north facing window.
3. My turtle vine is bottom heavy, what to do?
If your turtle vine is bottom heavy, simply prune the plant to the required length. You can also take the cuttings and simply start another batch of turtle vine plants.

Light Requirements : The Turtle Vine needs bright indirect to partial sun. An east or north facing window or balcony are an ideal choice. It can also be kept a few feet away from a south-facing window for bright light through the day.
Locations : The best location for the Turtle Vine is where it gets bright indirect light through the day or morning sunlight. East and North facing windows or balconies are a great option.
Styling / Decor Tip : If you have ever seen a basket of turtle vine, it must have surely caught your eye with its lush wildly growing style. The turtle vine grows quickly to take over the entire planter and trail like a mane of green. Hang them from ceilings or curtain rods in well-lit areas or plant them in stand planters for a tropical jungle feel. One single plant is enough to light up an entire corner and it’s easy to propagate nature means you will have ten such plants in no time.

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