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Wandering Jew/ Tradescantia zebrina (single plant)

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Quantity: Single plant If left to its own devices, it will expand fast and uncontrollably, straying to the ends of the globe. The wandering jew, sometimes known as spiderwort, is utilised as a groundcover as well as in hanging baskets. The gorgeous purple-striped foliage will give instant colour to your yard. These simple growers are ideal for your bright areas because they are very easy to care for.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Fertilize your Tradescantia once every 20-24 days using a common plant fertiliser for healthy development.

Repotting :
The wandering jew does not require regular repotting, however the lower leaves do drop away over time as it develops. When this happens, take cuttings from the tip and propagate them. Propagate tradescantia by taking a clipping from the tip (4-5 inches long) and removing the lowest leaves. Plant it on a wet, well-draining soil or propagate it in clean water. Take care to keep the leaf nodes submerged in water or soil.

Typical issues

1. What is causing my wander jew to lose variegation?

If maintained in poor light, the wandering jew may lose variegation. Place it in a sunnier spot for fresh variegated leaves.

2. Why are my wandering jew’s elder leaves browning?

That is just how the plant grows. If the early growth appears to be too scant, take cuttings and propagate for fuller foliage.

3. What is causing the withering of the tip of my wandering jew?

The plant’s tips are cup-shaped, with new leaves emerging from time to time. If any water gets trapped in the depression during watering, the top begins to decay. Take care to water your plants appropriately.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: The tradescantia wandering jew is ideal for shady patios and balconies. They also look excellent in strong light on a windowsill or in a south-facing room. The plant prefers dampness but not wet soil.

Locations: The Tradescantia requires minimal maintenance to survive and grow in hanging baskets on your windowsills or balconies. It adores light, and it is required if you want to experience its enthralling variations. Maintain a wet but not soggy soil and watch it develop in the blink of an eye.

Styling/decor tip : The tradescantia’s sturdy yet beautifully curled leaves make it an ideal plant for both tabletops and hanging baskets. Place it in a planter that contrasts nicely with its gorgeous purple foliage and watch others ooh and aah over your plant baby. The wandering jew is a trooper, suitable for both minimalism and Scandi aesthetics, as well as a traditional Indian house. This is an excellent way for rookie plant parents to get their feet wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I propagate my wandering jew plant?

They are easy to propagate. Take a cutting, at least 3-4 inches long, and remove the lowest leaves carefully. Plant it in a pot with moist and well-draining soil and take care to cover the lowest leaf node under the topsoil. Water to keep moist and place it in a bright spot.

How to make my wandering jew plant appear bushy?

For a bushier plant, plant several cuttings at the same time. Or when it gets too long, snip the tops and plant it in the same pot for a denser look.

Can I propagate my wandering jew plant in water?

Yes, take 3-4 inches long cutting, remove the lowest leaves and place it in a glass of clean water. Place it in a bright spot and you should be able to see roots in a week.

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