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Aralia Care

Common Name: Ming Aralia
Botanical Name: Polyscias fruticosa

More indoor trees, please! Ming Aralia makes a splash with its lace-like foliage and statuesque form. This very adaptable houseplant looks fabulous in almost any place you seem fit as long as you keep up with watering the soil! They are perfect trees inside your home as they are slow-growing and rarely outgrow their space. Ming Aralia, and all of its fern-like foliage, should be kept in temperatures between 65-80°F for them to grow comfortably. It is recommended to keep the humidity around these plants over 50% as they can be slightly temperamental when the air becomes too dry for their l

Ming Aralia loves bright sunny days and will grow to epic proportions when they receive over 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight each day. They will grow perfectly fine with lower light but may grow slower and produce less new growth. Set them where they receive gentle morning light, but keep them away from the intense afternoon direct sunlight!
Polyscias fruticosa likes moist soil but does not tolerate wet soil. Let the water dry from the soil to the halfway mark on the grow pot. Water you’re your aralia immediately after you have made this discovery, let the excess water drain, and place the plant back into its cover pot or saucer. Consistently moist soil is the key to successfully growing a Ming Aralia!
Potting soil rich in nutrients and organic matter but still can drain well is the perfect growing medium for your Ming Aralia. Most coco coir or peat-based potting soil mixes will be adequate but make sure that they do not contain water-retentive crystals as they can cause the soil to stay moist, causing root rot. If you are feeling adventurous, try creating your own potting soil!
Ming Aralia needs temperatures to remain between 65-80℉ all year round to retain good health! When the temperatures fall below 60°F, they will begin to drop their leaves. Leaf-drop can happen quickly, so keep them in the warmest spot you have!
High humidity is a must-have for Polyscias fruticosa. The leaves may begin to curl, or the edges will turn brown and fall off if they do not receive enough humidity. Using a humidifier or a pebble tray with water can help give these moisture-loving plants the extra dampness they crave. Learn how to increase the moisture in the air around your indoor plants!
Provide your Ming Aralia with a complete balanced fertilizer every 3-4 weeks during the growing season. Dilute the fertilizer the 1/4 the recommended strength. Alternatively, you can top dress the soil with organic compost or slow-release fertilizer in the spring or early summer. It is okay to additionally use a 1/4 strength diluted complete liquid fertilizer if you have added compost or slow-release fertilizer in the spring.
Growth Rate
Ming Aralias are slow-growing indoor plants. If properly cared for and exposed to consistent bright indirect light! They can reach up to 6’+ indoors, but it will take years to reach this height!

Pro Tips

Rotate your aralia ¼-turn each week to keep the plant full and symmetrical.
Keep the soil loose and your cover pots drained of excess water to help prevent unpleasant odors and root rot.
Keep the plant and the soil warm throughout the year to avoid leaf drop!
Polyscias fruticosa can be a bit of a challenging indoor plant. If you notice it beginning to decline, your first move is to monitor the humidity and moisture content in the soil!
Ming Aralias make great bonsai, as their leaves are small and are trained fairly easily!

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