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Adenium Pink plant

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  • Light : Direct sunlight
  • Maintenace: Low maintenance
  • Special feature : Flowering
  • Watering : Water once a week
  • Where to grow : Area with direct light for at least 4-5 hours

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The Adenium Pink is a cheeky little gentleman that competes with every other houseplant in the photogenic arena. Its bulbous stems (caudices) and lovely pink blossoms will give your home a unique and sophisticated feel. It’s a simple plant that will fill your room with vivid pink blossoms that will last for a long time.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Fertilize your Adenium once a month using 19:19:19 NPK fertiliser. Perennial blooming for your garden space will be ensured by regular and light watering, correct fertilisation, and full sun.

Repotting :
The plant will outgrow its present pot within a year and will need to be repotted in a little larger pot every year for optimal development. Adeniums may be reproduced by taking stem cuttings from the top of a branch and replanting them. After a day or two of air drying in a low-light environment, plant the cuttings in a light, well-draining growth medium under bright indirect light.

Typical issues

1. What is the most prevalent adenium plant problem?

The most prevalent issue with Adenium plants is leaf rot, which usually spreads to the stem and finally the roots.

2. Why are the leaves on my Adenium going brown?

Browning leaves on an adenium are a sure sign that it has been submerged. When the top two to three inches of soil on your adenium dry out, water it thoroughly.

3. How frequently should I water my Adenium?

The frequency is determined by how much light your plant receives and how quickly the soil dries. However, if you have left your plant in direct sunlight for 4-5 hours every day, water it once a week. Empty the base plate after thoroughly wetting it until it drains out of the drainage hole.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: Because adenium, also known as desert rose, is a drought-resistant plant that requires full light and little water, it thrives in a sunny nook, outside garden, or on a windowsill.

Locations:South or west facing sections of your home that receive direct sunshine for the majority of the day are ideal for your adenium. Plant your adenium in a pot that is wider than it is deep to educate your plant’s caudex to become more bulbous and robust, giving your plant a structural aspect. Its bulbous woody stalk stands out against the dainty pink blossoms.

Styling/decor tip : Place it as a focal point in your home to create drama or in a plant cluster to provide colour and form. It will be very eye-catching in a pot of contrasting colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adenium plant poisonous?

Parts of the Adenium plant are poisonous to humans and pets.

What kind of container is best for Desert Rose?

Many lovers of Adenium grow their plants or look to repotting desert rose into terra cotta clay pots instead of plastic to keep them on the dry side.

What are the other common names of adenium plant?

The Adenium is also known as the Desert rose or the Japanese frangipani.

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