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Air Purifying Plant Bundle – Peace Lilly, Golden Hahnii, Money Variegated, Areca Palm

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Air is something we need at all times of our lives yet sometimes disregard. This plant bundle has been carefully selected to assist clean the majority of contaminants usually found in indoor air, ranging from VOCs to carbon monoxide. These four will help to cleanse the air in your house and make it healthier.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:All four plants in this bundle will thrive with NPK 19:19:19 fertiliser applied once every two weeks. The plant foliage flourishes when the same fertiliser is applied as a foliar spray at least once a month. While the Peace Lily, Money Plant, and Areca Palm are quick growth, they will need to be repotted in a little bigger container with fresh soil once a year. The Golden Hahnii is a sluggish grower that prefers narrower root areas. Change the soil every year for improved development and repot it every two years or when roots appear on the soil surface. While the money plant may be grown using stem cuttings, the Peace Lily is propagated by splitting the mother plant once it has reached maturity. The Areca Palm may be reproduced by taking offshoots with nodes and root systems, but the Golden Hahnii reproduces by pups.

Typical issues

Wilting, browning, or yellowing of the leaves The withering of leaves is caused by a water shortage or an overabundance of water. Underwatering and an erratic watering schedule are the causes of drooping Peace lily and Areca palm leaves. Yellowing leaves on a money plant might also indicate overwatering or underwatering. Sansevieria is a drought-tolerant plant, and mushy, withering leaves are caused by overwatering. Slowing Growth While Sansevieria is a sluggish grower, providing it with adequate light and prescribed fertilisers might speed up its growth. The other three, like any plant, will develop quicker in enough light and slower in low to medium light. However, all four plants should be kept out of direct sunlight. Watering routine Water the Peace Lily on a regular basis; don’t allow the soil dry entirely before watering again. The money plant requires watering when the soil becomes dry and can withstand a little amount of flooding. Water the Areca Palm at regular intervals, and only when the topsoil is dry. Sansevieria thrives on neglect and responds better to underwatering than overwatering; water it only when the soil is fully dry.

Design and Decoration

Light requirementsAll four plants thrive in bright indirect light and may withstand mild light in interior environments. Sansevieria, on the other hand, can survive under low light circumstances.

Locations: These air purifying plants are excellent complements to any room in your home. Cleaner air may be found in your bedrooms or workplace if you use it. They are ideal for any area that receives bright indirect light, such as near windows or doors.

Styling/decor tip : For a highly architectural and artistic effect, create a corner of sansevierias in various sizes. The Spathiphyllum looks great in stand planters; choose for our metallic planters, which add to the plant’s charm as it grows larger in size. The Areca Palms offer a tropical feel to your corners, while the money plant may be left to grow on walls, trellises, or just fall gently down shelves.

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