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Aglaonema Bigroy

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Quantity : Single plant in self watering pot

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How to care for Aglaonema

Light: Part sun, part shade

Place in a window with dappled sun or a spot in the middle of a room. Or directly in a window facing west or east.

Fertilizing need: Medium demand

Plants can’t only survive on water, they need nutrients too. To keep your plant nice and thriving, it?s important that you add fertilizer every now and then. You can find more info below how to best fertilize this plants.

Cut off any flowers since it otherwise can get small red berries after flowering and these berries are poisonous.

How to Fertilize Your Aglaonema

Most plants require fertilizing every now and then to ensure that they get the right nutrients in order to stay happy and healthy.

How to Repot Your Aglaonema

Most plants require repotting every now and then in order to stay happy and healthy. However, repotting can be stressful to plants, so it’s important to do it carefully and not too often.

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