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Air Purifying Plant Bundle – Rubber Variegated and Aglaonema Pink


Quantity: Single plant of each variety in pot

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Plants are necessary for healthy life both indoors and out. To guarantee that you do not jeopardise the air you breathe at home, we have designed plant sets that, when combined, reduce the majority of indoor pollutants. Rubber variegated and Aglaonema pink have both been widely recognised as the finest for the purpose.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Both of the plants in the bundle are foliage plants and will thrive with any generic garden fertiliser, such as NPK (19:19:19), applied to the roots once every three weeks as directed on the package. A foliar spray of NPK (19:19:19) every two to three weeks is also beneficial to the plants.

Repotting :
The Rubber Plant is a long-lasting but slow-growing plant that like to be root bound and does not require regular repotting; nevertheless, changing its potting mix once a year will provide it with fresh medium to grow in, and repotting once the roots begin to show is recommended. The Aglaonema, on the other hand, grows quickly and will need to be repotted year in a little bigger pot with a rich but well-draining potting mix. Rubber plant propagation may be accomplished using stem cuttings. The Aglaonema can be reproduced by dividing the mother plant when it reaches maturity or by taking stem cuttings from the top with at least 4 to 5 top leaves.

Typical issues

Slowing Growth One of the key causes of slow development is a lack of light or fertilisation. For optimum development, give your plants enough light and fertilise as directed. Rubber plant leaf shedding The rubber plant is a tropical tough plant that requires both moisture and sunshine to thrive. Leaf falling might indicate a lack of illumination as well as inconsistency in watering. Set a watering plan and stick to it; don’t allow the soil dry up between waterings. Aglaonema has a grey cast. Extreme cold conditions cause the Aglaonema to have a grey tint. In the winter, keep them indoors and away of direct draughts. The variations with season are also affected by changes in illumination.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: While the rubber plant requires intense indirect light for proper development, Aglaonema may thrive in medium to low light conditions. Both plants should be kept out of direct sunshine.

Locations: These air purifying plants are excellent complements to any room in your home. Cleaner air may be found in your bedrooms or workplace if you use it. They are ideal for any area that receives bright indirect light, such as near windows or doors.

Styling/decor tip : For an aesthetically pleasant effect, create a corner of Rubber plants in various colours. The Aglaonemas provide a tropical feel to your corners and can simply be included into any d?cor plan. Rubber plants are also a terrific accent to side and worktables, and they are ideal for covered patios and sitting areas.

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