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Bergeranthus Green | Bergeranthus Multiceps Succulent Plant

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Botanical Name: Bergeranthus Multiceps

Other Names: Bergeranthus Multiceps

Growing Season: Throughout the year

Ideal Temperature: 15-35°C

Uses: Decorate your room by pairing the plant with other exotic varieties of succulents and cacti.

Difficulty Level: Easy

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When we grow and care for Bergeranthus multiceps, the temperature should be controlled at about 15 ~ 22 degrees Celsius, the scattered light should be received for more than 5 hours a day, and the air humidity should reach more than 50% to ensure that the soil is fertile and loose. When watering, we should wait until the soil is completely dry, the amount of watering in winter needs to be reduced. In the summer hot, humid weather, we need to do a good job of pest control measures

Bergeranthus multiceps
Bergeranthus multiceps are not very temperature-demanding and can always be grown outdoors. When we grow and care for bergeranthus multiceps even in the cold winter, you can survive in minus five degrees and grow around zero degrees. Although the temperature requirement is not very high, it is recommended that the plant not be exposed to too cold or too hot for the sake of healthy growth. 15 ℃ ~22 ℃ is the most suitable temperature for its growth. In the winter when the temperature is low, we should pay attention to cold protection and warmth

Lighting care for growing Bergeranthus multiceps
The Bergeranthus multiceps also doesn’t require too much light, but it likes it better, and when it gets more sunlight, its flowers will flourish and look better. In the summer and winter dormant period, pay attention to proper shading. When we grow and care for Bergeranthus multiceps, do not expose yourself to the hot summer sun. Shade yourself from the sun.

Watering care for growing Bergeranthus multiceps
Like other succulents, the bergeranthus multiceps are not particularly water-intensive. In its native South Africa and the Mediterranean, it can often survive months without rain. When watering, wait until the soil is completely dry, and then pour enough water at once. When we grow and care for iBergeranthus multicep in the winter, water should be strictly controlled to keep the soil dry.

Fertilization care for growing Bergeranthus multiceps
In spring and autumn, when temperatures and water are favorable, the Bergeranthus multiceps need more nutrients and can be fed once a month. Fertilizers can be rotting leaves or compound fertilizers. When we grow and care for Bergeranthus multiceps, fertilizing should be stopped during the winter dormant period when plants stop growing and demand for nutrients.

Growing Bergeranthus multiceps care for diseases and pests control
Bergeranthus multiceps are less resistant to pests and diseases and need to be protected during hot, humid summer days. Every month use a multi-fungicide solution to spray 2 ~ 3 times. It can be dipped in a towel that has dichlorvos solution, wipe the sick place of the plant, which can effectively prevent and control the occurrence of scale insect, moth, white spot disease.

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