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Echinodorus grisebachii ‘Bleherae’ (Amazon sword plant)

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  • Common names : Broad leaved Amazon Swordplant
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Usage : Background 
  • Growth : Fast
  • Temperature tolerance : 18 – 30°C
  • General hardness : 0 – 30°dGH
  • Can grow immersed? : Yes

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Echinodorus grisebachii ‘Bleherae’ (Amazon sword plant) are a common and popular freshwater aquarium plant that can be found in pet stores today. Hobbyists may discover that various stores sell various varieties of plants under the name “Amazon Sword Plant.” Echinodorus bleheri, for example, has broad leaves. The leaves of Echinodorus amazonicus are narrower. In any case, varieties of this plant can make an excellent addition to a freshwater aquarium. Just keep in mind that “Amazon Sword Plant” may refer to similar but slightly different plants. An Amazon Sword is an excellent background plant. It can make an eye-catching centrepiece plant when planted alone. Its lush green leaves will stand out even more against a dark background. When planted with other Amazon Sword Plants, it can create a thick green “forest-like” effect. In either case, an Amazon Sword Plant can be the ideal plant for concealing a power filter intake tube or an aquarium heater.

For decades, the Amazon sword has been widely used in the aquarium hobby. Until recently, the common name for a few larger Echinodorus species found in or near the Amazon River Basin, specifically Echinodorus amazonicus and Echinodorus bleherae, was “Amazon sword.” However, DNA testing in 2008 revealed that those former species are now considered synonymous with E. grisebachii. More information can be found in Kew Bulletin Vol. 63: 525-563. (2008).

Echinodorus grisebachii thrives in the background of very large aquariums. However, many hobbyists use it as a focal point in the aquascape’s midground. Its large leaves stand out against the majority of aquatic species, which have smaller leaves. The leaves are a deep green colour with some red/bronze coloration in newly emerging leaves. Amazon swords have been known to be the preferred breeding spot for certain egg-laying cichlids such as angelfish in some fish-dominated aquaria where a group of swords may be the only significant plants. Many fish can find shelter and even territory among the large and wide leaves. A less well-known but equally important application for this plant is hiding unsightly aquarium equipment in the aquascape. Heaters, filter intakes, cords dangling over the tank’s edge, thermometers, and so on can all be effectively hidden by the large and densely leafed swordplant.

Amazon swords can be propagated by removing a large plant from the substrate and carefully cutting the crown into smaller plants. They also produce submerged stalks from which several plantlets develop. After they begin to form roots, these plantlets can be removed. If the stalk is left attached to the mother plant, it can produce a large number of baby swords over time. These swords can also be flowered and pollinated with a cotton swab or soft brush in high lighting or very humid outdoor conditions. After maturing, the seed can be harvested and sown to produce new emergent plants.

A nutrient-rich soil promotes growth, but the plant must be pruned to avoid depriving plants below of light. Echinodorus bleheri thrives in low-light aquariums because it grows toward the light. It is a tough and simple solitary plant for both beginners and experienced aquarium keepers with fairly large aquariums.

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