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Phyllanthus fluitans (Red root Floater)

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  • Common Name : Red Root Floater
  • Plant Use : Floating
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Light Demand : Low
  • Co2 Demand : Low
  • Fertilizer Demand : Low

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Phyllanthus fluitans (Red root Floater) is a freshwater floating fern plant known in the aquascaping world for their distinct appearance, deep red roots, and ease of care. Because of their remarkable and stunningly red roots, these highly sought-after floaters are known as the “Red Root Floater.” Although Red Root Floaters resemble green Salvinia floaters in appearance, the leaves are larger and can turn a deep red colour. It is also sometimes confused with immature Water Lettuce.

Phyllanthus fluitans (Red root Floater) are easy to grow in any aquarium. They live in tropical, stagnant water habitats like canals and rivers in South America. They are highly recommended for open low-tech aquariums and paludariums with gentle water flow. Red Root Floaters are a small floating fern that can cover the entire surface of your tank’s water.

This will help to prevent unwanted algae growth by blocking light from below. These floaters will also aid in the removal of biological waste and other contaminants from the water in your tank. If left alone for too long, this fast-growing plant may take over the entire surface of your tank. You may need to remove some Red Root Floaters from your tank on a regular basis to avoid blocking too much light from the plants and/or tankmates below. To maintain the desired look, simply remove the floaters as they spread.

The leaves can grow up to 1 inch in diameter. Each leaf has two pockets to the left and right of the leaf’s centre. Leaves will grow around nodes along a central stalk, with one leaf attached to the roots at each node. The leaves will float on top of the water, while the lush roots will dangle below the surface.

Red Root Floaters have light green leaves that turn a deep red when exposed to direct sunlight. Unlike many other floaters, the roots are dark red and much more appealing.

When given the right conditions, Red Root Floaters can produce delicate white flowers in the leaf axils (explained below).

Phyllanthus fluitans (Red root Floater) look best in well-lit, open tanks with green aquatic plants. Put some in your planted tank to see how they glow in contrast.

Red Root Floaters are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also extremely easy to care for. This plant does not require aquarium substrate.

Although these floaters are commonly seen floating on the surface of water in aquariums, they can also grow on muddy or wet substrate. The majority of people prefer the decorative way it will cover the surface of their tank. Simply place them on the surface of the water and let them do their thing.

When you buy Red Root Floaters from Buceplant, you will get 2-3 dime-sized plants, each with 2-3 leaves. This is an excellent starting point because these floaters can quickly multiply under the right conditions.

Once this tough plant has adjusted, it will easily reproduce by producing seeds or using the runners that grow. The side shoots will branch out and form more floaters, quickly covering the surface of your tank. You can also divide the smaller (daughter) plants to encourage new growth in different areas or tanks.

Although Red Root Floaters can thrive in a wide range of pH conditions, they thrive best in water with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. The pH of the water will be determined by how much light you want to provide your floaters (explained below). Water temperatures ranging from 70 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended.

Floaters prefer nutrient-rich water. Supplementation with Seachem Flourish Excel is recommended for Red Root Floaters. Iron is especially important for achieving the deep red if you are providing high light; UNS Plant Food Liquid Iron is recommended.

These floaters can thrive in low to high light environments for 6 to 8 hours per day. Although the roots will always be a beautiful deep red, the leaves of this plant will change colour depending on the amount of light they receive.

High light causes the leaves to turn completely red. This deep colour is the most popular among aquascapers. (Hint: a lack of nitrogen will also deepen the red colour.) For high light conditions, hard water is recommended.
Low to medium light – the leaves will remain bright green with a slight red tint around the edges or smudged lightly in the centre. In low-light situations, soft water is recommended.

Extra Tip: Keep in mind that these floaters will not work well in environments with a lot of movement or agitation of the water’s surface. Simply keep the water flow low to keep Red Root Floaters happy. They just want to relax, like you on your pool float in the summer.

Is red root floater a fast-growing plant?
Red root floater plants grow at a moderate to rapid rate. It can spread quickly in good water conditions! If you’re not careful with maintenance, you might end up with a thick carpet of leaves floating on the surface.

Are Red Root Floaters nitrate-friendly?
Floaters are useful because they absorb ammonia/nitrates and other impurities like heavy metals. As a result, in a tank with an inadequately sized filter (or too many fish or light), they can often help reduce algae by absorbing excess waste in the water.

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