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Zebra Haworthia Plant

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  • Light : Bright indirect sunlight
  • Maintenace: Low maintenance
  • Special feature : Pet friendly
  • Watering : Water once a week
  • Where to grow : Bright indoors

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These lovely delicate succulents are among the most appealing tabletop plants ever! They provide a captivating image with their deep green colour and white stripe-like variegations. The fleshy leaves form rosettes and are an excellent gift option due to their simple nature.

Plant Care

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: These easy-to-care-for plants demand relatively little attention. During their growing season, plant them in a well-draining succulent potting mix and fertilise them once a month with a generic fertiliser.

Repotting :
These sluggish growers do not require repotting on a regular basis. For optimum growth, repot it every year in a new potting material. Haworthias reproduce by pups that develop around the parent plant. Simply remove pups when they reach one-third the size of the original plant and transplant them into a new container.

Typical issues

1. How much sunlight does Haworthia require?

For good development, Haworthia need strong indirect light throughout the day. A few hours of dappled sunlight is also beneficial.

2. What is causing my Haworthia to become limp?

Haworthias are succulent plants that like dry soil. Limp and mushy leaves are a classic indicator of damp soil-caused root rot. Allow the soil to completely dry between waterings.

3. What is causing the leaves to become red?

Excessive light causes leaves to become red, indicating stress. To reverse the coloration, move it to a location with indirect light.

Design and Decoration

Light Requirements: Haworthias prefer strong indirect light all day, but not lengthy periods of direct light.

Locations: Areas near an east or north-facing window are ideal. Work tables, window sills, or shelves with plenty of indirect light are all wonderful options.

Styling/decor tip : Haworthias look wonderful on side tables and in terrariums. For a more contemporary look, place them in geometric monotone containers. Covering the topsoil with white stones to create an aesthetic contrast is an excellent approach to showcase the leaf patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my haworthia dying?

The most common reason for haworthias dying is either over watering or under watering. If the soil is too dry and the leaf tips have browned, its underwatering. If the growing medium is too wet and the leaves are mushy, the culprit is root rot.

What potting medium is best for haworthias?

Haworthias grow best in potting mix for succulents. The mixture is light and well draining.

What are the common names of Zebra Haworthia Plant?

Zebra Haworthia Plant is also known as Haworthia Attenuata.

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