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Heliconia Plants

Do you enjoy adorning your home with attractive plants? So why not opt for the most enticing and appealing plants on the planet?
Heliconias are flowering plants. These striking plants are known as Lobster Claw, Parrot’s Beak, Parrot’s Flower, and False Bird-of-Paradise. They have a distinct structure with enormous, brightly coloured bracts or leaves that conceal a cluster of miniature flowers. With their unique upward and downward facing pattern, the waxy leaves steal the spotlight. Heliconia plants are available in a variety of brilliant colours such as orange, pink, red, green, purple, or a mix of all of these.
Why Purchase Heliconia Plants?
Because they are so unique and wonderful! The vibrant colours and distinctive design of heliconia plants lend an ethereal atmosphere to any living environment. Because of their thick skin, heliconia plants are quite durable and can endure any environment. This is why these plants bloom throughout the year. Heliconia plants are the easiest to care for. All you have to do is give them enough of sunlight, plenty of water, and feed them up to three times a year. The plants will mature to be bright and healthy all year.
Check Out Elysian Flora’s Heliconia Plant Selection These exotic plants are comprised of around 40 distinct species. The most popular ones from various species may be seen on Elysian Flora. Heliconia Stricta Dwarf Jamaican, Heliconia Lady Diana, Heliconia Rostrata, and other varieties are available. We want to make sure your plant arrives in good condition, so we box it carefully. You may order your plant and have it delivered anywhere in India in 5 to 7 days. Buy one of these beautiful heliconia plants from Elysian Flora today!

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