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It’s difficult to look at an Ixora plant and not see it in your house. Ixora plants have a way of drawing your attention and keeping it there for a long time. These charming and lovely shrub plants, with their blossoms abundantly packed together, add an exotic atmosphere to any living environment. The lovely flowers come in a variety of colours, including pink and peach. Other names for this plant include Jungle Geranium, Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame, and West Indian Jasmine. Growing Ixora plants indoors can be difficult and is not suggested for persons who lead busy lives.
An indoor Ixora plant requires the following:
There is a lot of light! It cannot flourish in semi- or low-light environments. Place it in a location that receives bright yet indirect sunlight.
Water – It prefers to drink a lot of water all year, except during the winter.
Food – Feed this plant a liquid fertiliser weekly throughout the spring and growth season.
Bring Them Home – Elysian Flora’s Most Beautiful Ixora Plant Collection If you’re interested in purchasing one of these little Ixora plant beauties, check out ElysianFlora’s exquisite assortment. We’re guessing you won’t be able to leave without purchasing one for yourself and your loved ones. The Ixora dwarf and mini dwarf in pink, yellow, white, red, peach, and orange are our most popular Ixora plants.

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