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Stardust Spotted Variegated Dracaena | Gold Dust Plant | Florida Beauty | Dracaena Godseffiana

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This gorgeous gold variegated plant with bright green glossy leaves and slender stems takes such a dynamic elegant form as it grows. Easy to care for, fast growing and entirely unique, this captivating plant can have variegation that ranges from a warm creamy yellow to nearly white as it matures.

Low-maintenance, they need to be watered approximately once a week when the first inch of their soil is dry. Adaptable to a variety of light conditions, though they will grow faster and have more pronounced variegation in bright indirect light.


?? Medium – Bright Indirect Light (Direct light will scorch leaves, so make sure light is filtered)

?? Water again when first inch of soil is dry

?? Likes well-draining potting mix

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