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Dracaena Plants

Dracaena is an ancient Greek word that meaning “female dragon.” Its tall and spiky foliage, which is strong and elegant, gives credit to the same. With wire-like stems and a height of 9-10 feet, these evergreen shrubs make great interior plants. The entire genus Dracaena is made up of over 120 species of these succulent shrubs and trees.
Plant Varieties of Dracaena The Bamboo of Fortune (Dracaena sanderiana) Planting of Corn (Dracaena fragrans) Craig, Janet (Dracaena deremensis) Dust of Gold (Dracaena surculosa) Dragon Tree (Dracaena reflexa) Song of India or Jamaica (Dracaena marginata)
Dracaena Plants: Their Importance, Uses, and Characteristics
Purifies the air by removing up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds every day and reducing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon dioxide from the home’s interiors.
Humidity management – raises the humidity in the room and alleviates respiratory discomforts such as colds, dry coughs, sore throats, and dry skin.
Sharpening focus- enhance concentration, memory, goal achievement, and increased attention among kids.
Brings happiness – contribute to a Zen-like state and get genuine health advantages such as emotions of relaxation, tranquilly, and optimism.
Decorates the interiors – the straight and pointed leaves create a dramatic image that adds vivid hues to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.
Maintenance-free – tolerates a broad range of environments, including low-light settings, and requires just two to three fertilizations each year.
Absorbs lead (Pb) – Lead particles may move via water and air, and Dracaena marginata decreases the amount of lead in the environment by absorbing lead contaminants.
Care Instructions
The Dracaena plant, on the other hand, requires minimal maintenance, such as filtered indoor lighting and a small quantity of water. It enjoys temperatures ranging from 60 to 70°F during the day and below 50°F at night. The leaves of this shrub are poisonous to our four-legged friends. In general, these houseplants are clear of significant problems.
Dracaena plants are a low-maintenance and attractive houseplant. And now that you’re well-versed in its applications and after-care, feel free to browse our online shop for more information on the types, plant specs, care, and applications. Choose your favourite and add some adornment to your home space!

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