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Croton Plants

Croton plants, sometimes known as rushfoil crotons, are likely to be familiar to you. They feature brilliantly coloured leaves that are difficult to overlook and are often seen in homes, workplaces, or hotel lobbies, adding a dash of greenery and nature to the interiors of a space. At Nursery Live, we have a wide selection of croton plants that you can take home right now.

Croton plants are native to India and Malaysia and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The plant’s leaves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with colours ranging from red to orange to purple to pink to yellow to green to white.

Croton plants are unique in that they must be kept inside, in a spot that gets enough of sunshine. A humidifier might aid in the care of your croton plant if you maintain one at home.

This plant is incredibly low-maintenance, making it a favourite among those who want a splash of elegant foliage in their surroundings without having to spend a lot of time caring for it. Croton plants may also be seen on paths, café and public place entrances, and even as little desk plants.

We offer a large range of attractive croton plant kinds at Nursery Live, like the codiaeum variegatum, which has gold dust leaves, thin leaves, Chinese croton, and more, in different sizes to meet your needs. There are also some alternatives that provide croton plants in pairs. These plants thrive in a humid, warm climate, so they’re a terrific way to brighten up a room. What’s the greatest part? They are long-lasting, and buying them will not let you down.

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