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Pandanus Plants

Plant parents that are passionate about tropical plants should be familiar with pandanus plants, commonly known as screw pine. These plants are generally found in swampy wet environments, in the countryside, or along streams or river banks. If you want to know where they are from, they are from Madagascar and Malesia.
If you see them growing and flourishing in their natural habitat, these plants can be broad trees that can sometimes reach a height of 15 to 20 feet and a width of 20 feet or more, and this information may make you wonder if these plants with still sharp and painful leaves can be tamed and grown indoors.
But guess what? They can grow inside and, once propagated, will withstand drought-like conditions, add a tropical vibe to your room, and keep you company for a long time. However, they require special attention while developing.
Here are some pointers:
Pandanus grows well in a range of lighting conditions, from dappled sunshine to direct sunlight. To avoid burning, non-acclimated plants should not be exposed to direct sunshine throughout the summer.
Water: Pandanus plants are drought resilient, but they will appear healthier and brighter if they are watered on a regular basis.
Soil: They thrive on sandy and peaty soils with adequate drainage. So, now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of growing your own Pandanus plants, it’s time to choose your favourite kind from the Elysian Flora collection. Get started on your plant buying right away.

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