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Dieffenbachia Plants

Dieffenbachia plants are tropical and lovely perennial plants with thick, succulent stalks. They feature broad leaves with green borders and white specks in the centre that radiate outwards. They are a typical home plant that is simple to care for. These plants are fantastic foliage plants for the home or workplace and can quickly freshen up the interiors of any room.
Dieffenbachia plants can flourish in low-light environments and even survive neglect. This plant is also known as ‘Dumb Cane’ because it contains a chemical called Raphides, which functions as a defence mechanism against animals and, when consumed, may temporarily numb voice chords while also burning the throat. This is why while cutting or propagating the plants, caution should be exercised.
Some of the many advantages of Dieffenbachia plants include:
It’s an air purification plant that enhances air quality while also reducing dangerous dust and pollutant particles. According to a Malaysian research, the Dieffenbachia plant is one of the finest at absorbing CO2 from the air. While these plants thrive in strong, indirect sunshine, they are also hardy in shaded conditions, making them ideal low-light houseplants. This plant, with its massive leaves, creates a tropical appearance that has been utilised to magnify interiors since the Victorian period.
Elysian Flora has a large selection of low-maintenance Dieffenbachia plants. These attractive plants with speckled leaves would be a delightful addition to your yard, from little variety suited for desk space to spectacular foliage that may grow up to 8 feet tall. Examine the many plants on offer and bring home the eye-catching Dieffenbachia plant now!

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