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Philodendron Plants

Philodendrons are an excellent option of houseplants whether you are a beginner plant enthusiast or enjoy caring for a variety of plants throughout the home. Philodendrons are simple to cultivate and maintain, making them ideal for anyone with minimal expertise with plants.

Philodendrons are plants that grow in tropical rainforests. They grow beside huge trees, climbing up the branches to provide a canopy impression. Philodendrons are primarily climbers as houseplants, while some kinds grow erect with enormous leaves. The leaves of climbers are smaller. Some philodendron species bloom during specific months.

Philodendrons filter the air, so they’re a good choice if you want to add some natural greenery to your home. The majority of these plants need a lot of sunshine to thrive and flourish. As a result, it’s ideal to keep them in tiny, manageable pots that can be moved about to get enough sunshine.

Philodendrons may thrive and develop well with an average of 1-3 hours of sunshine every day. It’s a fantastic idea to hang them on windows or balconies. It’s also a good idea to pot philodendrons in such a manner that the soil drains well.

Philodendrons may be grown by placing plant cuttings in water until they develop roots, then repotting them into soil. A node and some leaves with a slant cut should be included in the propagation cuttings.

Popular philodendron varieties, including as Xanadu, Melanochrysum, Congo, Selloum, Ceylon, Lacerum, and others, are available at Elysian Flora. You may also add to your plant accessory collection with a range of related gardening kits, pots, decorative objects, and equipment.

Popular tiny plants found on Nursery Live include leaf jade plants, bonsai, and Adenium plants.

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