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Rubber Plants

Who hasn’t played with the thick rubber plant leaves’ white sap as a kid? Because of its distinguishing feature, it has remained in our recollections. Ficus elastica is a plant that belongs to the Moraceae family of figs.

Rubber plants are well-known for their waxy leaves and ability to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Rubber plants may grow to be 4 to 10 feet tall when planted inside, but they can grow to be 30 feet tall when cultivated outdoors. The rubber plant gets its name from the sap that is taken from the plant and used to produce rubber.

Both sunshine and water are beneficial to rubber plants in moderation. When both sources are favourable, the plant’s growth is tremendous. This plant may readily capture your notice because to its large and succulent burgundy or scarlet foliage. The key is indirect sunshine and hydrated soil.

Because of the plant’s excellent air purification ability, it’s quite common to keep rubber plants inside. It is crucial to note that the sap from rubber plant leaves is hazardous if swallowed. So, if you have pets or children, be cautious.

This plant is extremely simple to care for, and repotting is only required when the plant’s size has to be increased. Rubber plant propagation is also quite easy and straightforward.

Any healthy stem may be cut, the sap dried, and then planted in a new pot.
This plant will become your closest friend since it is simple to care for and adds value to your space.

We give you with healthy rubber plants at nursery live to bring charm to your interiors. Check out our other products such as plant bulbs, planters, soil, and fertilisers.

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