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Spider Plants

Spider plants are a terrific addition to any indoor or hanging plant collection since they are graceful, simple to cultivate, and native to southern Africa. The scientific term for amusing spider plants is Chlorophytum comosum, and they’re well-known in the plant world for their air-purifying properties and low-maintenance care needs. Spider plants have long, thin arching leaves that dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web, earning them the name.
Additional qualities of spider plants listed below will undoubtedly assist you in making a buying selection.

They have air-purifying characteristics, according to a NASA research, and so effectively remove toxins from your living environment.
Spider plants are difficult to destroy and are an excellent choice for new gardeners. They can adapt to practically any climatic situation and don’t mind being overwatered or underwatered on occasion.
These fast-growing plants are completely harmless to pets and children.
When maintained near patients, spider plants are thought to help them recover faster. According to research, patients who were accompanied by spider plants had reduced anxiety, despair, and heart rate difficulties.

In nature, spider plants are quite forgiving, but following a simple procedures will ensure that they continue to thrive indefinitely:

They can handle lower light levels, however if maintained in indirect strong light, the striping on the leaves will become more evident.
Water it well, but don’t allow the soil grow damp, since this might cause root rot.
During the spring and summer, fertilise them twice a month.

Look through our selection to locate the right spider Plant. ElysianFlora guarantees excellent and prompt customer service to those who select us.

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